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Using "nuptials" to deter cheating

One way that some couples try to deter one or both of them from cheating is the use of a prenuptial agreement or a postnuptial agreement. For example, a prenuptial might state that Spouse A is due $200,000 if Spouse B cheats and the marriage has to end. If there is no such stipulation in a prenuptial, a couple could decide to write a postnuptial agreement. This can be especially common if one spouse does cheat during the marriage.

5 marital assets divorcing wives should not overlook

Getting a divorce has significant financial implications. Dividing marital property is often a point of contention. As you anticipate your divorce, you may have concerns about distributing property such as the family home, bank accounts and vehicles. While these assets are important, there are other substantial considerations you should not forget about.

How to legally protect your assets from your ex during divorce

Even in the most amicable of divorces, no spouse wants to see the other receive more than a fair share of marital property or assets that have emotional value. In an effort to protect property and avoid a spouse from accessing every scrap of money, some people decide to take the illegal route of hiding assets.

How to uncover hidden assets in a divorce

In a New York divorce situation, things can get very strained. People are not above stooping to illegal measures to cause their soon-to-be ex-spouse pain. One way many people do this is through hiding assets so their spouse cannot get access to them. This is illegal, and it also is difficult to prove.

Dealing with divorce when you co-own a business

Divorce is a difficult situation by itself. Running a business is a high-pressure scenario, too. Combine these, and the results unsurprisingly add up to an excess of stress. When you own or operate a business with your partner, and your partner is about to become your ex, it may not always be clear what protocol would necessitate. According to the New York Times, some couples are able to continue working together, but many are not. No matter which direction you and your ex go, the following are important principles to keep in mind.

Can you get a prenuptial agreement even if you are married?

Lawyers commonly hear refrains like this: "I wish I had thought to do a prenuptial agreement before I got married, but it is too late now." Even happily married people say such things. For instance, a couple may have agreed before marriage that both will continue to work. However, once children are in the picture, one spouse wants to stay home with the kids, and the other supports that decision. But the individual staying home may have nagging worries that giving up work, however temporarily, could be setting the stage for later financial disaster.

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