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Holding on for the kids' sake may not be better than divorce

When a major life change is imminent, many people in New York and other states may try to convince themselves that the change does not have to take place, especially if they are not looking forward to it. One major change that can often lead to such feelings is divorce. Parents may especially want to try to avoid this outcome for the sake of their kids, but is hanging on really in anyone's best interests?

Certainly, divorce can be full of custody disputes and issues with child support. However, parents can work through these proceedings as amicably as possible and keep the kids distanced from any conflict the legal process entails. Depending on the manner in which parties choose to move through the divorce process, it can be more or less difficult on kids in the end.

When individuals choose to remain in an unhappy relationship, it may be more difficult to keep kids out of the crossfire. Even if parents do not openly argue in front of the kids, those children may still pick up on the sense of unhappiness and hostility that exists between their parents. As a result, they may still end up with emotional difficulties and a skewed view of relationships that some parents may have been hoping to avoid by remaining unhappily married rather than divorced.

Wanting to give the thought of divorce long and hard consideration when children are involved is an understandable step. Of course, it may be just as wise to consider whether a future with divorced parents may allow the parents and the kids to live happier lives overall. Because the beginning and ending of each marriage is different, New York residents may want to ensure that they consider their specific circumstances before coming to any decision.

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