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3 tips for getting sole custody

If you are leaving your spouse, you may have a lot of concerns about your children. One of the biggest points of contention during your divorce will probably be child custody. If you feel like equal custody time will not be best for your kids, you may wonder how you can achieve sole custody.

You must be able to demonstrate to the court that you deserve complete custody of your children. Here are some guidelines to follow that will help you receive full guardianship of your kids:

1. Prove your kids are a priority

If you want to fight for sole custody, you must show the family court that you are doing everything you can for your kids. For example, have you compromised your career aspirations to stay home with the kids? Are you the main parent covering health care and education expenses? Do you show up to every sports game or school play? Be ready to showcase how you are the most involved and supportive parent.

2. Show the schedule and needs of your kids

The family court wants to keep your children as comfortable as possible. This means the court does not want to disrupt the lives of your children. Do your kids rely on you to maintain their schedule and physical needs? If so, show how you manage the sleeping habits, extracurricular activities, education and eating schedules of your children. 

3. Demonstrate the shortcomings of your ex

If you want to prove that you are the best person to take care of your kids, you will need to be ready to show that your ex is not properly qualified. Does the other parent have any unhealthy habits, such as excessive drinking, drug use or abusive behavior? Prepare any evidence you have that may incriminate your ex. 

These techniques are sure to help bolster your argument, but nothing will absolutely guarantee sole custody. Talk to your lawyer about your specific situation so that you can mount a strong case.

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