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Is your spouse committing financial fraud?

If you and your spouse contemplate obtaining a New York divorce or already have started one, your life likely has become very difficult, stressful and highly emotional. Your issues seem almost never-ending: your kids, your house, your assets, ad infinitum. And when it comes to your marital assets, you may have the added stress and worry of suspecting that your spouse is hiding them in an attempt to deprive you of the portion that is rightfully yours.

Asset hiding and financial fraud are two synonymous terms. Your spouse may raise one or more of the following red flags that could indicate (s)he indeed is hiding assets:

  • His or her habitual behavior changes.
  • Mail from unidentified and/or new people or businesses begins arriving at your home addressed to your spouse.
  • Mail stops coming to your home because your spouse rerouted it to his or her office.
  • Your spouse has strange phone calls during which (s)he is cryptic, noncommittal and/or secretive.
  • Your spouse stops confiding in you.
  • You discover your spouse’s secret paramour.

Common hiding places

If your spouse really is committing financial fraud by hiding assets from you, there are a number of hiding places where (s)he can hide them. The following are common:

  • Safe deposit box(es)
  • Online financial or brokerage accounts
  • Electronic files containing Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies
  • Unfunded trusts
  • Life insurance policies
  • Untaken deferred compensation, bonuses, commissions, etc.

Common accomplices

If your spouse comes from a large family or has a large circle of friends and/or business acquaintances, (s)he could convince one or more of these people to help him or her hide assets. For instance, your spouse could title assets in these people’s names or deposit funds into their bank accounts. It also goes without saying that should you discover your spouse is having an affair, (s)he is a prime suspect for helping your spouse hide assets.

Depending on if, how, where and to what extent your spouse is committing financial fraud, your best strategy may be to engage the services of a forensic accountant especially trained in the art of finding and tracing hidden assets. While this can be expensive, it may be your only option for establishing and proving your true marital assets picture.

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