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Divorce is not unusual, but each New York case is unique

Each person's life has distinct aspects, and though many people may wind up in similar scenarios, each situation is different. Divorce in particular is one type of event that numerous couples go through, but each person faces different challenges, decisions, positives and negatives. This means that many individuals may benefit from considering their specific circumstances when it comes time to make divorce-related choices.

As mentioned, numerous people go through divorce. In New York, the population of divorced people makes up 8.7 percent of the statewide population. In particular, the city of Hudson has the highest divorce rate of the entire state. That city holds nearly double the state rate with 16.7 percent of the population having gone through the marriage dissolution process.

Across the country, approximately 40 to 50 percent of married couples choose to end their marriages. If a person has already been married, the likelihood of getting divorced after a second or additional marriage is even higher. Though some common reasons for ending relationships exist, such as unfaithfulness or money issues, some parties may have a difficult time pinpointing exactly where their relationships went awry.

Even if going through divorce seems like it will be the best choice for a person's situation, it can seem daunting to start. New York residents looking to move in this direction may wish to explore their legal options in hopes of feeling more confident in taking this step. They may also wish to consider speaking with experienced attorneys who could aptly explain options and advise on feasible courses of action.

Source: USA Today, "Broken hearts: The divorce capital of every state", John Harrington and Cheyenne Buckingham, Feb. 2, 2018

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