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Fear of embarrassment may have parties delaying divorce

Deciding on the best time to end a marriage is no easy task. Many New York residents have different reasons for choosing the timing of their divorce filings. However, certain fears may be keeping individuals together longer than they perhaps should be or want to be. Rather than attempting to move toward a happier future, some parties may let feelings of possible fear and embarrassment hold them back.

Feelings of failure are not uncommon when it comes to divorce. Numerous individuals may think that if they had tried harder or found the right solution, their marriage would have been successful. However, that is not always how these situations work. For many people, leaving an unhappy or unhealthy relationship can actually act as a beneficial turning point rather than a mark of failure or indicate that the people themselves are failures.

It may also seem embarrassing to have to inform friends and family that the marriage is not working. Additionally, a significant amount of personal information can come out during marriage dissolution proceedings, and some of those facts may shed light on embarrassing aspects of life. However, focusing on creating future happiness rather than on momentary embarrassment may be worth the effort.

Though many parties do choose to stay in unhappy marriages for whatever reason, everyone does not have to resign themselves to that type of arrangement. There are options available for New York residents who believe that it is time to move on from a relationship. Speaking with experienced divorce attorneys could help interested individuals determine their most feasible options for going through the process.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Are Fear Of Failure And Embarrassment Keeping You Coupled?" Abby King, Jan. 3, 2018

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