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Emotional abuse may have New York residents considering divorce

When a person is in an abusive relationship, he or she may feel trapped. Unfortunately, many individuals have a difficult time escaping abuse, and finding the best way to do so can prove tricky. In some cases, New York residents may consider filing for divorce in order to remove themselves from the hostile environment.

Though many people may think that physical abuse often causes individuals to feel that relationships are toxic, emotional abuse can cause unhealthy relationships as well. This type of abuse can come in many forms, such as constantly facing blame. If a person is continually blamed by his or her spouse for issues ranging from insignificant to major, he or she may be facing emotional abuse. Even for issues that a person has no control over, an emotionally-abusive spouse may place unnecessary blame on that individual.

Additionally, controlling behaviors could also constitute emotional abuse. The person may have unreasonable rules, such as only allowing the spouse to go places with him or her. Other controlling behaviors could include limiting access to money or other resources in order to prevent a spouse from having full control over his or her own affairs.

Any type of abuse can be frightening and difficult to handle. If New York residents in this type of situation feel that divorce could be the right step for their circumstances, they may wish to find out more information on how to go about following this course of action safely. Consulting with experienced attorneys could help concerned individuals determine what their best options may be.

Source:, "25 Signs of Emotional Abuse", Sinta Ebersohn, Jan. 5, 2018

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