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New York parents may have child custody concerns during holidays

With the holiday season quickly approaching, many divorced parents may be experiencing some apprehension. If these will be the first holidays after the divorce, it may be worrisome to think about how the kids will handle the new arrangements. Additionally, some New York residents may also worry about how their exes will handle the situation. If these concerns exist, parents may want to reference their child custody agreements.

Because of the possibility for contention between parents during this time of year, individuals may want to work out a feasible holiday schedule. In order to ensure that these schedules are enforceable, parties may want to include terms as part of their original custody agreements. If these terms were overlooked during the creation of the arrangements, parents may have the ability to create a feasible schedule to which they can both agree.

If the kids are old enough, parents may also want to include them in the decision making for this schedule. Some children may prefer to spend Thanksgiving with their dad and Christmas with their mom or vice versa, and considering their input may make the situation easier to navigate. Of course, parents may not want to give the kids full control over the schedule for various reasons.

Some parents may worry that the holidays will lose their enjoyment after divorce, but that does not have to be the case. New York parents and kids can start new traditions and find ways to make the holidays different but still fun. If parents have concerns about how their child custody arrangements will play into this time of year, they may wish to review their terms or consult with their legal counsel.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Divorce and the Holidays," Debbie Martinez, Nov. 6, 2017

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