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Marital tension may have New York residents considering divorce

Being on the same page as a spouse when it comes to needs in a relationship can help that relationship grow. However, when parties are not aware that one individual may be unhappy, a marriage could be heading for dangerous territory. In many cases, New York residents could end up looking into divorce options if their marital tensions become too high.

It was recently reported that a 16-year study looked at the effects that tension has on marital relationships. Apparently, the majority of the women who participated in the study indicated a high level of tension when they first entered their marriages. On the other hand, men noted a lower level of tension at the beginning of the marriage, but their tension levels increased at a higher rate than those of their female counterparts.

Though men did indicate a higher tension rate over time, divorce usually came about when it was the women who felt the increased tension. Study results showed that many women indicated high levels of tension while their husbands indicated low levels of tension. One conclusion drawn regarding this connection relates to the possibility of a lack of investment in the relationship on the husbands' part.

Unhappiness and tension could easily result in marriages going through rough waters. However, if those feelings continue due to a lack on investment or awareness of a spouse's feelings, the relationship could face negative outcomes. If some New York residents feel that their marital tension has become too much and that it is time to sever the tie, they may wish to find out more information on their divorce options.

Source:, "Differences in feelings of tension contribute to divorce," Morgan Sherburne, Nov. 2, 2017

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