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Certain child custody decisions may need further review

It is not unusual for certain family court decisions to leave some parties dissatisfied. However, some outcomes could give cause for great dismay, and the decisions may need to be reviewed further. When it comes to child custody, concerning rulings could warrant modifications or turnovers of initial decisions.

New York residents may find the recent overturning of an out-of-state custody decision of interest. The report indicated that the judge presiding over the case involving a paternity petition did not find anything out of the ordinary during the initial review. As a result, the judge awarded joint custody to the biological father of a young boy. However, when further details of the situation came about, a great deal of concern followed.

Apparently, the biological father had raped the boy's mother when she was 12 years old. This act resulted in the child's conception, and after learning about this information, the judge rescinded the ruling that the biological father should have joint custody. Many individuals felt that the judge did not properly review the case before coming to his initial ruling, but the judge stated that he did not see anything unusual and felt the it was a routine situation.

Though most people hope that children have two fit and loving parents, that is not always the case. In many instances, it may be safer for children to stay away from one or both parents depending on the specific situations. If New York parents have concerns regarding the potential child custody outcomes of their situations, they may wish to enlist the assistance of experienced attorneys.

Source: USA Today, "Judge rescinds order granting rapist custody of child," Bob Gross and Liz Shepard, Oct. 17, 2017

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