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Millennials may have difficulty finding peer-support for divorce

Ending a marriage at any age can be difficult. New York residents who divorce at a younger age may find themselves wondering how the event will impact the rest of their lives. Additionally, individuals in the millennial generation may find themselves facing unique difficulties, as many parties their age are not divorcing -- or even marrying -- as often.

Most people typically want to find some sort of support when they go through divorce. However, because fewer individuals in the millennial generation are going through this type of process, the ones who do may have a hard time finding support among their peers. As a result, they may feel themselves struggling to make connections as they work through this difficult time in their lives.

Additionally, if the divorced individuals have young children, they may have considerable concerns about being a single parent at a younger age. Though child support and custody arrangements may help alleviate some of the burden, it is understandable that apprehensions can still exist. Therefore, individuals in this situation may wish to look for ways to connect with parties of a near age who are going through similar situations.

Before dealing with the aftermath of divorce, parties may want to remember to focus on the legal proceedings and possible settlement outcomes. Because younger individuals may have particular concerns, especially when children are involved, they may wish to thoroughly explore their legal options. Though finding support among peers may be difficult, interested New York residents could find legal support by consulting with experienced family law attorneys.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Divorce and The Millennial: How to Cope When Your Peers Don't Relate," Karen Bigman, Oct. 3, 2017

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