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Communication issues may put New Yorkers on the road to divorce

It is not uncommon for individuals to sometimes have trouble opening up about their problems. Many New York residents may prefer to avoid issues rather than risk the vulnerability associated with open communication. However, if spouses choose to avoid open discussions about marital problems, the relationships could quickly break down and head for divorce.

It was recently reported that a lack of communication could be a significant contributor in divorce cases. Specifically, giving a spouse the silent treatment or stonewalling after an argument could prove especially negative as it prevents the possibility of dealing with the issue. It was also noted that contempt, criticism and defensiveness make up the other top three spots when it comes to communication issues in marriages.

Because stonewalling involves completely disengaging from a discussion, one spouse may be left feeling confused and frustrated because the other spouse will not discuss a problem. In order to avoid such a situation, individuals could try to prevent the overwhelming feelings that sometimes lead to stonewalling. By sticking to one topic rather than a laundry list of issues, parties may be more willing to take small steps to address one problem at a time.

For some individuals, stonewalling or avoiding problems may be too much of a habit or conscious choice when it comes to dealing with arguments that the marital issues never get addressed. This problem could easily result in one or both spouses feeling as if the relationship has no possibility of improving. If New York residents feel this way, they may want to gain more information on their divorce options.

Source: The Huffington Post, "This Marital Behavior Is Not Only Annoying, It's A Sign You Might Divorce", Brittany Wong, Sept. 21, 2017

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