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Be wise during divorce, gather financial records ahead of time

After deciding to end a marriage, individuals in this situation may have a long road ahead of them. The process may seem even more intimidating if one of the parties involved has a tendency to create conflict. When dealing with this type of personality, getting ready ahead of time could save New York residents time and trouble when divorce proceedings get underway.

In some cases, individuals may try to create issues by withholding information. Therefore, parties may want to gather documents as soon as possible, especially those concerning finances. Financial aspects often play a significant role in many areas of divorce, and having that information may prove crucial when it comes time to negotiating for property, alimony or child support.

Some financial records and documents that could prove useful during this time include tax returns, bank statements, various bills, retirement account information and pay stubs. By having this information handy, individuals may be able to determine whether a combative spouse may attempt to hide assets. If the less-vindictive spouse is the one considering divorce, gathering these documents well ahead of time may help prevent any delay in obtaining the records after the divorce petition is filed.

Organization and preparation during divorce could help many concerned New York residents feel more at ease as they approach their proceedings. Because attempting to take on such an endeavor alone can seem daunting, interested individuals may wish to consider gaining professional assistance. Experienced attorneys are available to parties who may want to gain additional insight into their particular situations and their possible options for dealing with any specific concerns.

Source:, "Toxic Divorce? Forget the Hazmat Suit and Do This Instead", Bari Zell Weinberger, Sept. 20, 2017

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