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Property division: Dividing marital debt can be challenging

When a New York couple considers a divorce, there are multiple issues to address. Along with child-related matters, the most challenging negotiations may be related to property division. Not all divorcing spouses realize that debt gets divided just like assets when a marriage ends. A couple can negotiate how to divide debt or leave it for the court to decide. However, it must be noted that creditors have little interest in divorce agreements or court orders and will typically continue to hold those who originally signed for the debt fully responsible.

Millennials may have difficulty finding peer-support for divorce

Ending a marriage at any age can be difficult. New York residents who divorce at a younger age may find themselves wondering how the event will impact the rest of their lives. Additionally, individuals in the millennial generation may find themselves facing unique difficulties, as many parties their age are not divorcing -- or even marrying -- as often.

How to legally protect your assets from your ex during divorce

Even in the most amicable of divorces, no spouse wants to see the other receive more than a fair share of marital property or assets that have emotional value. In an effort to protect property and avoid a spouse from accessing every scrap of money, some people decide to take the illegal route of hiding assets.

Prenups may prove handy when it comes to property division

Though getting married can be a wonderful step in a person's life, letting the idea of a happily-ever-after cloud someone's judgment could prove detrimental. Rather than quickly saying "I do" and moving on, individuals may first want to consider how the marriage will affect their lives and, maybe more importantly, what impacts divorce could have. Because property division and other proceedings can cause considerable upset, New York residents may wish to consider prenuptial agreements. 

Communication issues may put New Yorkers on the road to divorce

It is not uncommon for individuals to sometimes have trouble opening up about their problems. Many New York residents may prefer to avoid issues rather than risk the vulnerability associated with open communication. However, if spouses choose to avoid open discussions about marital problems, the relationships could quickly break down and head for divorce.

Be wise during divorce, gather financial records ahead of time

After deciding to end a marriage, individuals in this situation may have a long road ahead of them. The process may seem even more intimidating if one of the parties involved has a tendency to create conflict. When dealing with this type of personality, getting ready ahead of time could save New York residents time and trouble when divorce proceedings get underway.

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