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New York children may benefit from shared child custody

Going through divorce with children can pose many difficulties for New York parents. Certainly, the idea of continuing a life that allows the children to grow and flourish is often desired, but sometimes coming to child custody terms can prove challenging. When going into this endeavor, parents may want to consider how parental relationships with kids can impact their well-being.

It was recently reported that research results have shown that children tend to see less negative impacts from divorce when parents share custody. When children are able to have strong relationships with both parents, they seem to experience less stressful outcomes than if they only spend the majority of their time with one parent. In fact, children involved in the study who were in shared custody arrangements showed fewer psychological impacts.

Joint custody arrangements could allow parents to participate in their children's lives regularly. Often when one parent has sole custody, the other parent only sees the children during times of visitation, which may not present the most ideal atmosphere or time for bonding. As a result, children may suffer more negative impacts than if time was spent more equally between parents.

A variety of child custody arrangements exist, and the time that children spend with each parent can depend on the circumstances. Though joint custody may provide the most benefits in many cases, it may not prove ideal for everyone. New York parents who want to ensure that their custody decisions keep the best interests of their children at the forefront may want to explore their legal options.

Source:, "Research Says This Is The Best Child Custody Agreement For Divorced Parents, Although It May Be Easier Said Than Done", Korey Lane, Sept. 7, 2017

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