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Discussing divorce may be pragmatic, not unromantic

It is not unusual for many New York residents to discuss the idea of marriage before actually going through with the process. However, fewer individuals seem to be as keen on the idea of discussing divorce as a future possibility. Though this discussion may seem awkward to slide in among the talk of wedding venues and caterers, preparing for the possible end of a marriage may be prudent.

Apparently, more individuals in the millennial generation are taking the time to discuss prenuptial agreements. This willingness seems to come from the fact that many people in this generation tend to tie the knot at an older age. As a result, they often already have businesses, savings and other assets that they would like to protect in the event of divorce.

These agreements can help parties address various financial aspects, not just the property already obtained. Individuals could stipulate how they would like future income to be protected in the event that a small idea turns into a successful venture. Additionally, couples can also discuss how to keep accumulated debt separate, especially in a time when student loan debt continues to plague many.

Rather than considering the idea of discussing divorce and prenups as unromantic, individuals may wish to look at the topic as pragmatic. Taking precautions tend to prove more beneficial than not, and even if the agreement is never used, it can act as a safety net just in case. New York residents who are interested in creating this type of agreement may wish to discuss the process with knowledgeable attorneys.

Source:, "Why today's couples seriously consider a prenup," Jonnelle Marte, Aug. 20, 2017

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