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How does income affect a custody case?

For high-asset earners entering divorce negotiations, many anxieties might arise. You may feel concerned about maintaining your property and protecting your future, but if you have kids, they will undoubtedly be your top priority. Of course, income will be a major factor in your divorce so you may be wondering how it will affect any custody arrangements you are entering.

While it may not have a direct impact on the custody outcome, it can affect other facets of your case. It is important to understand exactly what role income plays in divorce and custody arrangements, and this is particularly true for any individual with high income or assets.

Child's best interest

Ultimately, a judge bases custody decisions on the child's best interest. If there is a disparity in income between you and your ex, it may seem that your kids will live more comfortably with the parent who earns more. Often, however, the court will implement spousal support and child support to rectify the difference and ensure both parents can support their kids.

Spousal and child support

The support as mentioned above will be necessary to consider, too. According to The Spruce, nearly half of all custodial single parents have a formal or informal child support agreement. Your income likely will not factor into a custody ruling, but the care decision will affect the support the court might order you to provide.

Demands of your job

Your income ties directly to your job. When you have a job that is demanding or requires you to travel frequently, a judge may take these factors into consideration for custody arrangements. So, while having a higher income will not necessarily give you any advantage in such negotiations, having a demanding job could potentially put you at a disadvantage. Seeking legal representation can help you navigate this and other aspects of your case.

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