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How does income affect a custody case?

For high-asset earners entering divorce negotiations, many anxieties might arise. You may feel concerned about maintaining your property and protecting your future, but if you have kids, they will undoubtedly be your top priority. Of course, income will be a major factor in your divorce so you may be wondering how it will affect any custody arrangements you are entering.

Gosselins face child custody dispute at dental office

Addressing family issues can sometimes prove difficult. When parents are divorced and the problems relate to their child custody arrangements, it may feel even more as if neither side can find a solid solution. Unfortunately, when parents do not work well together after a divorce, some custody issues could seem to get out of hand.

New York property division: Who's responsible for the mortgage?

Though at the beginning of the marriage, the marital home may have been a haven, it could seem more like a prison if the relationship sours. When it comes time to go through property division proceedings, one party may feel no qualms in allowing the other individual to keep the home. However, the relinquishing party may wish to remain aware of potential mortgage implications.

Pratt, Faris separation may lead to property division concerns

Celebrity divorce cases often draw a considerable amount of attention due to the public nature of the parties involved. Though the specific details of why a relationship ended may not always come forth, information regarding property division, child support and other aspects do tend to make headlines. New York residents may be interested in such information regarding the recent separation of actors Chris Pratt and Anna Faris. 

Staying focused can help New York residents achieve divorce goals

There are many ways in which New York residents could approach their legal proceedings when it comes to dissolving their marriages. Because many people are concerned about the financial aspects of such proceedings, they may want to determine how to approach their divorce cases in a way that will cause the least amount of financial upheaval. Luckily, that is a feasible goal.

The right support could help New York residents with divorce

The ending of a marriage is often considered to be a negative life event. Because many New York residents likely pin a great deal of their hopes, dreams and emotions on the future of their relationships, it is understandable that divorce can come as quite a shock to various aspects of life. However, parties may be able to work toward facing their proceedings in the best manner possible.

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Divorce: A Practical Guide

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