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High-asset divorce may breed considerable conflict in New York

When the stakes are high, ending a marriage can be a gripping and dramatic situation. Though many New York residents would likely prefer to keep their personal business out of the spotlight, those facing high-asset divorce cases may not be so lucky. Additionally, they will likely have to face complications when it comes to property division if the dissolution proves particularly contentious.

One high-profile couple in another state are currently facing such issues. Reports stated that Burt and Lovey Handelsman had been married for 67 years when Lovey filed for divorce. Apparently, Burt had started an affair with another individual, and recently, he reportedly began to subject Lovey to verbal abuse. The couple garnered success in the business world through their real estate ventures, and they have an approximate wealth of $750 million.

Because of the size of their fortune, it may be unsurprising that disputes have already come about. Burt has filed a lawsuit against his children for alleged schemes to get money from his companies, and the children have filed countersuits for additional issues. More legal conflicts within the divorce proceedings are likely suspected.

High-asset divorce cases such as this one are obviously no easy task to tackle. However, when New York residents want to end their marriages, facing the situation head on may be the best approach. Individuals hoping to find the best ways to protect their assets while also effectively moving forward with their legal proceedings may wish to speak with their legal counsel in order to gain personalized insight and advice.

Source:, "Worth Avenue empire at stake in high-profile divorce of Palm Beach couple", Katherine Kallergis, July 14, 2017

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