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Child custody interference can cause frustration and fright

Many New York parents have issues when it comes to dealing with the custody of their children. Though most want their kids to grow up in happy and healthy environments with both parents, circumstances can often prevent that ideal situation. In fact, many people face child custody issues that can cause a great deal of stress.

One family in another state recently faced such issues due to custody interference. It was reported that a 3-year-old boy was taken by his father, though the father did not have the authority to do so. Details on the custody arrangements for the child were not given, but it was noted that the father did not have custody. The boy apparently lives with his mother.

Before taking the boy, the father reportedly assaulted the mother. Police were able to locate the man and took him into custody. The man and child were found less than three hours after the assault and kidnapping took place, and due to the quick resolution of the situation, police did not have to issue an AMBER alert to help locate the child.

Instances of custodial interference can be frightening and frustrating for everyone involved. Some New York parents may feel the need to take drastic actions to see their children because they feel they have no other choice, and the parents with custody may fear for their children's safety. In hopes of preventing such a situation, parents may wish to first more closely examine their child custody options. Modifications to custody orders could potentially help parents through legal means rather than making the mistake of unlawfully interfering.

Source:, "Child reunited with mother; father in custody after kidnapping", June 28, 2017

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