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Abused New York residents may feel hopeful, anxious about divorce

Many individuals may have feelings of fault when they are actually the victim of a situation. These feelings may come about due to abuse or other negative actions that have been taken against them. Regrettably, numerous New York residents may have found themselves in unhealthy marriages that resulted in such feelings, and though they have chosen to end the toxic relationships, divorce may still seem daunting.

In most cases, narcissistic or otherwise abusive individuals look for partners who are more passive as it makes it easier to take advantage. Parties who want to see the good in people may be particularly susceptible to being targeted by such individuals. However, rather than putting fault on the good-natured person for ending up in an unhealthy relationship, that person may want to recognize that he or she is not to blame.

An emotionally or physically abusive individual may try to undermine his or her spouse's worth, and as a result, the spouse may feel as if the negative treatment is deserved. Moving on from such skewed perceptions is often difficult. Luckily, abused parties can seek help and regain their understanding that they are worthy.

Preparing for a potentially difficult divorce may cause feelings of apprehension, anxiety and stress. However, concerned New York residents do not have to go through such proceedings alone. Enlisting the assistance of knowledgeable and experienced attorneys could help uncertain parties gain an advocate as well as more information on their options and possible ways to handle a contentious soon-to-be ex-spouse.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Divorce From A Psychopath Or Narcissist Is Never Easy", Tiffany Beverlin, July 9, 2017

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