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Marriage age may impact divorce odds in New York

The age at which a New York resident chooses to get married is a personal decision. Many factors can play a role in this choice, and it is unsurprising that some individuals get married relatively young while other people wait until they are older to tie the knot. However, could the age at which a person marries affect their chances of divorce?

A recent report indicated that marriage age could play a role in the likelihood of the marriage coming to an end. Apparently, the prime age range in which to marry in order to reduce the potential for divorce is between ages 28 and 32. When a person is in their late 20s, the likelihood of divorce reportedly reduces by 11 percent each year. However, the odds of the marriage ending increases by 5 percent each year after age 32. 

One specialist stated that, as individuals get older, men especially do not want to have their incomes and lifestyles affected by a spouse. Of course, numerous factors can play a role in whether a marriage is successful, not simply the age at which the wedding took place. If parties are able to communicate effectively and have a high level of commitment, they may have a greater chance of success.

On the other hand, the opposite scenario could also take place. Even if individuals get married in the prime age range, they could still face divorce if issues present themselves during the marriage. If New York residents are facing such a situation, they may wish to gain information on their legal options for bringing an unhappy relationship to an end.

Source:, "Want To Escape Divorce? Get Married At This Age", Jen Glantz, June 28, 2017

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