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Retirement accounts may be concern during divorce in New York

Though ending a marriage can be an emotional experience, individuals may do better to keep their emotions out of the legal proceedings as much as possible. By remaining level headed throughout the divorce, New York residents may have a greater chance of making rational decisions. Additionally, parties may also want to remember to focus on certain assets that could easily be overlooked.

Understanding what could happen to retirement accounts may be important to many individuals. When going through property division proceedings, retirement accounts will be divided fairly between both parties. Therefore, while a person's spouse may not necessarily gain a 50/50 take of the accounts, the possibility for this outcome does exist. The amount that each party gets depends on the worth of the account and other assets involved. 

If an individual feels particularly inclined to keep as much of his or her retirement account funds as possible, it may make sense to consider what other property could act as bargaining chips. During these types of negotiations, remaining calm and rational could help parties work toward their desired goals more easily. If individuals begin to argue over every piece of property, the process could quickly become more complicated. 

Many people may have an idea of how they will act when it comes time to handling court proceedings. However, they may react completely differently once they actually begin the divorce process. Those New York residents who want to ensure that they remain focused on their goals and do not get unnecessarily sidetracked may wish to enlist the help of experienced attorneys. 

Source:, "Look at a divorce like the break-up of a business", Nathan Bachrach, Ed Finke and Amy Wagner, May 1, 2017

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