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Political strife may lead New York residents to divorce

A variety issues can cause couples to have disagreements. When those individuals have differing views on certain topics, it is not uncommon for conflicts to take place when those topics are broached. Though many New York residents may be able to look past those differing opinions and continue their relationships, some issues may become too great. As a result, couples could end up facing divorce.

One issue that often drives a wedge between individuals -- married or not -- is politics. A recent research study showed that numerous individuals have been ending their relationship due to political differences. In fact, one in 10 couples have seen such outcomes, and that statistic increases for younger couples. Recent political strife has apparently cause these numbers to increase.

Since the recent presidential election, 24 percent of individuals in married or non-married relationships indicated through the study that their political arguments have increased. Additionally, that number jumped to 42 percent for couples in the millennial generation. It was noted that even parties who are not currently in relationships indicated that, if they were married, they would likely consider divorce over differing political views.

Disagreements of any kind can put a strain on even long-term relationships. If New York residents find themselves facing substantial marital stress due to political views or other issues, they could end up considering divorce if the stress becomes too much. Should this become the case, interested individuals may want more information on their legal options for dissolving their marriages, and speaking with experienced attorneys may allow them to obtain that information.

Source:, "Fights over Trump drive couples, especially millennials, to split up", Paul Bedard, May 8, 2017

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