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Navigating child custody can challenge New York parents and kids

As parents, many New York residents likely worry about their children and how they will respond to certain life events. When one of those events is their parents' divorce, concerns may escalate as the ending of a marriage can have substantial impacts on kids. In order to make the transition into new child custody arrangements as smooth as possible, parents may want to ensure that they put their kids first. 

By maintaining a supportive and open attitude toward their kids, parents may be able to more effectively help them through the difficult time. As kids get used to seeing each parent less often than before, keeping up with a regular schedule could allow them to adjust more quickly. Rather than wondering when they will spend time with which parent, a schedule can ensure that they know when each parent will be around. 

Additionally, parents may wish to come up with a parenting plan to coincide with their custody agreements. This plan could detail how each parent should handle certain responsibilities, such as pick-ups and drop-offs and attending extracurricular activities. Furthermore, having a plan in place could help parents honor the time set aside for each other to spend with the kids. 

Even in the best of times, parenting can prove immensely difficult. Divorce and child custody arrangements can add a new variant that parents need to learn how to handle. In many cases, New York parents can work together to create custody arrangements and plans that work best for everyone involved. Gaining information on custody options from experienced attorneys may help interested parties determine their best methods for planning.

Source:, "Co-parenting tips every parent should use", Nancy Hauck, March 30, 2017

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