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Hostile divorce can impact New York parents and kids

Though many individuals may want to move on from their previous relationship after ending a marriage, repercussions from that situation could have lasting impacts. Many New York residents have children who will have to deal with the effects of their parents' divorce. Unfortunately, this situation can be made more difficult by a hostile ex.

Some individuals can face difficulties with an ex for years. One individual was even in a predicament in which his ex-wife went out of her way to spread lies in order to ruin his career. Other individuals have faced circumstances in which parents have made remarks to children regarding their disdain for their exes, and as a result, the children have had to bear the distress associated with hearing such comments. 

Though it is the hope that a parent's love for his or her children will outweigh any other feelings, that is not always the case. As a result, these negative remarks may continue even if a child asks the parent to stop. These issues can be hard for the other parent and the children to handle, and the children may carry those impacts for years. 

When one individual has such a negative view, the divorce can become complicated. Because this attitude can also have such lasting results, New York residents may wish to take this factor into consideration as they work through their legal proceedings. Experienced attorneys can help concerned individuals determine their best options for handling a high-conflict situation as well as finding the best custody arrangements for the children.

Source:, "How To Handle A Low Down Dirty, Trash Talking Ex", Kate Chapman, April 16, 2017

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