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Could employment status affect chances of divorce in New York?

Being unemployed can cause a person many difficulties. Of course, one of the greatest difficulties involves the financial impact of job loss, which obviously affects many areas of a New York resident's life. However, unemployment could have an even more substantial impact on relationships. A recent study indicated that men who are unemployed could face a greater chance of going through divorce than men who maintain stable employment.

American Sociology Review recently published a study that analyzed the effects of male unemployment on marriage and divorce. The study indicates that if a husband has been fired or laid off from his job and faces unemployment for an extended period of time, his chances of divorce increase by nearly 30 percent. It was noted that wives' employment status did not have an association with divorce risk. 

This statistic could relate to the societal idea that men should be the breadwinners for their households. Additionally, this unemployment could result in greater marital disruption than if a wife faces unemployment or less than full-time employment. Of course, this study does not cover all of the various scenarios that could involve a husband who is jobless. 

Whether it is unemployment, other financial issues or a myriad of marital issues, divorce could happen to anyone. Therefore, if some New York residents are considering the end of their marriages, they may assess their particular situations and determine their best options for moving forward with the process. If desired, enlisting the assistance of experienced attorneys could help concerned individuals gain a better perspective on their cases.

Source:, "Divorce: A Harvard Study Says This Can Crush Your Marriage", Sam Becker, March 24, 2017

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