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Hostile divorce can impact New York parents and kids

Though many individuals may want to move on from their previous relationship after ending a marriage, repercussions from that situation could have lasting impacts. Many New York residents have children who will have to deal with the effects of their parents' divorce. Unfortunately, this situation can be made more difficult by a hostile ex.

Can you get a prenuptial agreement even if you are married?

Lawyers commonly hear refrains like this: "I wish I had thought to do a prenuptial agreement before I got married, but it is too late now." Even happily married people say such things. For instance, a couple may have agreed before marriage that both will continue to work. However, once children are in the picture, one spouse wants to stay home with the kids, and the other supports that decision. But the individual staying home may have nagging worries that giving up work, however temporarily, could be setting the stage for later financial disaster.

New York residents may wish to protect against property division

Planning for divorce as individuals get ready to marry may seem like the wrong approach. However, this type of planning may actually prove practical as New York residents can protect themselves from potential pitfalls that could come along with property division and other proceedings if a divorce takes place down the line. This preparation does not mean that individuals expect their marriages to end, but some would rather be safe than sorry.

Investor Bill Ackman facing high-asset divorce in New York

Though being a successful business person often leads individuals to feel a sense of accomplishment, that achievement could potentially make certain other areas of life more complicated. For instance, if an individual has a high net worth, the financial aspect of divorce proceedings, in terms of property division and alimony, could prove complex. New York resident and businessman Bill Ackman and his wife Karen Ann Herskovitz are currently facing such issues.

Navigating child custody can challenge New York parents and kids

As parents, many New York residents likely worry about their children and how they will respond to certain life events. When one of those events is their parents' divorce, concerns may escalate as the ending of a marriage can have substantial impacts on kids. In order to make the transition into new child custody arrangements as smooth as possible, parents may want to ensure that they put their kids first. 

Could employment status affect chances of divorce in New York?

Being unemployed can cause a person many difficulties. Of course, one of the greatest difficulties involves the financial impact of job loss, which obviously affects many areas of a New York resident's life. However, unemployment could have an even more substantial impact on relationships. A recent study indicated that men who are unemployed could face a greater chance of going through divorce than men who maintain stable employment.

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