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Prepare yourself for the emotional stages of divorce

Whether you have been married for five years or 50, have six kids together or a dog, or have millions of dollars in assets or limited resources, one fact remains the same when you are going through a divorce: Emotions often run wild and can vary from case to case and from day to day. While you deal with the roller coaster of emotions that you did not expect after a divorce, it can be increasingly difficult to focus on the bottom line and the details that will help you have a successful future.

Is this really happening?

Denial is an important part of the coping process for any tragedy, and it may be hard for your brain to wrap itself around the fact that your marriage really is over. The situation may feel surreal or unbelievable until your mind has time to accept it, when you can cope with it. If you deal with denial after a divorce or upon deciding that your marriage is over, know that you are completely normal.

Humiliation that marriage is over

Embarrassment is another common emotion when it comes to divorce. While it may not be one of the official stages of grief when a traumatic event occurs, it is difficult to admit that your marriage did not work out when your family and friends have been so invested in your union. You must recognize that divorce can be a step in the right direction if you are in an unhappy, damaging relationship.

Resentment and anger come next

After shame and denial, anger typically shows up. If the marriage ended because of abuse, betrayal or infidelity, the feelings of resentment and anger may increase significantly. Anger is an important part of moving through the emotional phases of divorce but should not be held on to for too long, as it can quickly turn to bitterness.

Attempt to undo the damage

At the bargaining point, you may try to fix the problem or believe that the marriage can be saved. Rather than deal with the emotional fallout, it may seem easier to go back to the marriage and just live how you have been living. If you feel you have truly made a mistake in choosing divorce, then now is the time to put the brakes on.

Finally accepting your future

You may deal with some depression after the bargaining phase, but the goal is to make it to acceptance. This means that you are adjusting emotionally and physically, accepting that your marriage was not fulfilling or happy and that you have control over your life.

As you move through the divorce process, it is often helpful to have someone in your corner who protects your best interests no matter where you are at on the emotional roller coaster. We encourage you to speak to a family law attorney today.

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