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Overnight stays may be part of New York child custody plans

Having an infant or a toddler (or both) can prove to be a trying time during a New York parent's life. If that individual is also going through or has recently gone through divorce proceedings, the idea of single parenthood and child custody issues may cause additional stress. However, when it comes to making custody terms, individuals may wish to consider what arrangements may best benefit the children.

It was recently reported that young children who spend the night with their fathers and mothers after divorce may end up having healthier relationships with both parents in the long run. Apparently, in a survey of 116 people whose parents divorced before they were 3 years old, college-age participants indicated that they had stronger relationships with their fathers when they had stayed overnight with them as infants or toddler-aged children. This correlation may be attributed to the fathers having he opportunity to be more involved in the kids' lives at an early age. 

Many individuals believe the bond built between very young children and their parents lays the foundation for how their relationships will carry on throughout life. Because overnight stays allow fathers to develop parenting skills and understand their children's needs early on, their relationships may continue to flourish later. Additionally, these visits allow single-mothers to have some time to themselves, and there was no indication that such visits negatively affected mother-child relationships. 

Therefore, if parents are going through divorce or struggling to determine the best custody schedules, they may wish to take this information into account. By creating child custody terms that allow children to have overnight stays with both parents, individuals could potentially provide a healthier situation in which to form parent-child relationships. If New York parents are interested in potentially vying for such terms, they may wish to consult with their legal counsel.

Source:, "Sleepovers With Dad Can Be a Win-Win After Divorce", Robert Preidt, Feb. 3, 2017

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