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Formal child custody terms may keep complications at bay

If a couple has a child out of wedlock and later break up, they may not feel like formally addressing their split is necessary. However, if parents do not create legal child custody agreements, serious issues could result later on. New York residents may be interested in one such incident that recently took place in another state.

Reports indicated that a 17-month-old child is at the center of a custody dispute that led to a serious event. The child's uncle reportedly broke into the boy's home and took him at gunpoint. It was unclear in whose custody the child was at the time of the incident. However, authorities suspected that the boy's mother may have played a role in the kidnapping.

The uncle was located and taken into custody on charges of kidnapping, burglary and assault. Police later located the child and his mother, who was also placed under arrest. It was reported that the child's father and mother had been involved in custody disputes, but because they did not have a formal custody agreement, the situation has proven difficult for everyone involved.

If parents would like to avoid the possibility of complicated custody matters made worse by uncertainty, they may wish to create a legally binding child custody agreement. Family law attorneys could help New York residents assess their circumstances and come to terms that suit their situations. Rather than leave the custody of a child up in the air, having proper documents could be of assistance when a dispute arises. 

Source:, "Custody battle leads to kidnapping a 17-month-old boy", Jade Redinger, Feb. 28, 2017

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