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Child custody choices deserve apt consideration in New York

In many cases, timing can have a substantial effect on how a situation is handled. Therefore, New York parents who are considering divorce may wish to determine the best time to broach the subject with their children. Because child custody agreements can result in serious changes, some parents may choose to begin the proceedings during the summer to give children time to adjust. On the other hand, parents may begin the process during the school year in hopes of having time to make legal appointments while their children are occupied. 

Timing is just one issue that parents may need to consider when it comes to how divorce will affect their children. Parents may also want to decide whether living together or apart during their proceedings suits their circumstances. Some parents may want to remain in the same home in order to gradually make changes to their arrangements, in hopes of creating a less jarring situation for the children. 

If parents choose to live separately, creating a temporary custody agreement may be worth exploring. This arrangement could mirror how the individuals hope their final terms will look and give everyone an opportunity to adjust. Additionally, a temporary agreement may help parties determine whether adjustments need to be made before the terms are finalized. 

Coming to the best agreements for child custody can prove difficult for anyone. By exploring possible options and legal proceedings, New York parents may be able to find the methods with which they feel most comfortable moving forward. Experienced family law attorneys can provide information on options for interested parties.

Source: The Huffington Post, "7 Secrets For A Child-Centered Divorce", Bari Zell Weinberger, Feb. 24, 2017

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