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Prepare yourself for the emotional stages of divorce

Whether you have been married for five years or 50, have six kids together or a dog, or have millions of dollars in assets or limited resources, one fact remains the same when you are going through a divorce: Emotions often run wild and can vary from case to case and from day to day. While you deal with the roller coaster of emotions that you did not expect after a divorce, it can be increasingly difficult to focus on the bottom line and the details that will help you have a successful future.

New York woman kidnaps daughter after child custody ruling

Kidnapping a child is a serious crime. Unfortunately, some parents may feel it is their only way to see their children once certain decisions have been made regarding child custody. However, taking such actions could make a difficult situation even worse, and a parent could end up facing criminal charges in addition to dealing with emotional distress.

Post-nups could provide property division security in New York

A variety of reasons could act as catalysts for individuals considering asset protection. Some parties may realize that they do not want to risk losing their businesses or portions of their businesses in the event they get divorced. Other parties may simply feel that having a safeguard in place could prove useful should property division proceedings ever become necessary. However, some New York residents may feel as if they missed an opportunity by not creating a prenuptial agreement.

Formal child custody terms may keep complications at bay

If a couple has a child out of wedlock and later break up, they may not feel like formally addressing their split is necessary. However, if parents do not create legal child custody agreements, serious issues could result later on. New York residents may be interested in one such incident that recently took place in another state.

Child custody choices deserve apt consideration in New York

In many cases, timing can have a substantial effect on how a situation is handled. Therefore, New York parents who are considering divorce may wish to determine the best time to broach the subject with their children. Because child custody agreements can result in serious changes, some parents may choose to begin the proceedings during the summer to give children time to adjust. On the other hand, parents may begin the process during the school year in hopes of having time to make legal appointments while their children are occupied. 

Overnight stays may be part of New York child custody plans

Having an infant or a toddler (or both) can prove to be a trying time during a New York parent's life. If that individual is also going through or has recently gone through divorce proceedings, the idea of single parenthood and child custody issues may cause additional stress. However, when it comes to making custody terms, individuals may wish to consider what arrangements may best benefit the children.

Planning, strategy may help with New York property division

New York residents may be interested in a complicated divorce case underway in another state. Reports indicated that over $10 million is up for negotiation as part of the couple's property division proceedings. Apparently, $20 million was awarded to the man due to being wrongfully incarcerated for 20 years. He had been accused of rape and murder, but DNA evidence recently exonerated him. After taxes and fees, he is set to receive $11.4 million.

The health costs of divorce and custody battles on men

A study published in the Journal of Men's Health and Gender on the impact of fatherhood found that fathers who lose custody of their children in a divorce or separation are at a greater risk of chronic health conditions. Men who are legally disenfranchised from their children through a bad divorce face a higher suicide risk. While there are times when men should not have access to their children, the courts generally try to make sure children have access to both parents.

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Divorce: A Practical Guide

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