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New York fathers may have child custody fears, hopes

Not having the chance to get to know their children may be a fear for many New York parents. However, some individuals may become fathers without even being aware that their children have been born. In such cases, parties can face considerable complications if they learn of the existence of their kids and hope to obtain child custody or visitation rights. 

One man in another state is currently facing such struggles after he recently discovered he was the father to twins. Reports stated that when the mother gave birth, she told the man he was not the father. She also stated to have had DNA tests done to prove that claim, but she never actually carried out any testing. Additionally, the twins were split up and lived with two separate families.

Six months after their births, the man became aware that he was the father after one of the twins was put up for adoption. He confronted the mother, and she confirmed that he was father. Now, the man is working to have DNA tests completed to prove paternity in hopes of gaining custody of the twins. However, since one of the babies is already in the process of being adopted, his situation faces significant difficulties. 

Child custody issues can often leave parents feeling a sense of panic. They may not fully understand what options they have for seeking custody or visitation, especially if they had previously not been a part of the children's lives. However, New York residents who are contending with similar concerns should speak with experienced family law attorneys who can provide information on useful legal options.

Source:, "Fort Myers woman gives up twins without dad's knowledge", Jan. 22, 2017

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