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January marks the beginning of the divorce season

The holidays are a joyous occasion for some families; however, for others, they are a make it or break it time. Couples often spend more time together at home and visiting with family. For New York couples who are struggling, this time of togetherness can be the deciding factor in whether they remain together or decide to seek a divorce.

Research indicates that the month of January is the beginning of the divorce season. Couples often wait until after the holidays to take action. In fact, approximately 30 percent more divorce petitions are filed during this time period.

Divorce experts do urge caution during this time period; this is not the time to make rash decisions. The holidays are a stressful time for even the happiest couples. It is important to carefully analyze the situation and make sure that divorce is the appropriate option. Furthermore, the individual will want to review the family calendar to make sure the time is right. Filing during Christmas, a child's birthday or just before a bonus check is due to arrive might not be the best time.

While divorce is ultimately an emotional decision, it is also a financial one. Each individual's financial status usually changes as a result. Rather than paying for one household, the same funds will be paying for two. Additionally, if one spouse has not been employed, he or she may find it necessary to seek employment. Then, there are other considerations such as insurance to keep in mind.

For many unhappy New York couples, divorce is the appropriate choice. However, this is a decision that should be made carefully after all the specifics have been reviewed. Experienced legal counsel can provide guidance during this process.

Source: MarketWatch, "Avoid these common mistakes if you're filing for divorce in January", Quentin Fottrell, Dec. 31, 2016

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