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January earning reputation as "Divorce Month"

Based on recent analysis of divorces in the United States, January has become known to some as "Divorce Month." Studies of divorce filings between 2008 and 2011 have shown that those filings increase in January in New York and throughout the country. This level stays elevated through the month of March before it begins to decrease.

Professionals such as divorce attorneys and marital psychologists have opinions as to why this increase has occurred in January. Many people have already reached a decision to file for divorce, but did not want to dampen the spirit of the holidays for others by filing in the midst of the holidays. The studies show that many endure their current relationship during the holidays, then start divorce proceedings as part of a new outlook for the new year.

For others, it's a more of a financial decision since year-end bonuses and tax filings are involved; filing in January may prove more beneficial in their circumstances. While every one's situation is different, experts say the best time for divorce is when a person has evaluated his or her life and decided that the current environment needs to be changed. Those contemplating divorces typically contact a lawyer to get information on costs, the filing process or other issues specific to their situation.

Anyone contemplating a divorce in New York will likely benefit by contacting an attorney with experience in family law. Divorce issues may be complicated and can prove to be very confusing in an already stressful process. Having someone knowledgeable to help navigate the complexities of a divorce can help increase the probability of a favorable outcome and protect the interests of those involved.


Source:, "January, nicknamed "Divorce Month," opportune for unhappy couples", Nicole Valdes, Dec. 26. 2016

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