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February 2017 Archives

New York fathers may have child custody fears, hopes

Not having the chance to get to know their children may be a fear for many New York parents. However, some individuals may become fathers without even being aware that their children have been born. In such cases, parties can face considerable complications if they learn of the existence of their kids and hope to obtain child custody or visitation rights. 

Top things to include in your parenting plan

When it comes to a parenting plan, there is more to include than a weekly custody schedule. You can write in key points about your future relationship and interactions, such as exchange locations and times, that can relieve stress and prevent arguments later. Here is a list of things you may not have thought to include in your parenting plan.

Prenup challenged in New York divorce

Issues surrounding a prenuptial agreement have been raised in a court case between a New York real estate developer and prominent plastic surgeon. Bruce Ratner, chairman of Forest City Ratner, and Pamela Lipkin, a rhinoplasty specialist who has made numerous television appearances, are in the middle of divorce negotiations. Lipkin, in a lawsuit recently filed in the State Supreme Court, says Ratner is trying to evict her from her current place of practice.

Tips to save your finances after a divorce

For many New York couples, conflicts regarding financial matters can often lead to discord in their marriages. When the conflicts result in divorce, financial issues often remain a contentious subject. Former spouses now have to manage changes in their income levels and also consider new expenses such as alimony or child support. Financial advisers recommend several strategies for maintaining financial stability after a divorce.

January marks the beginning of the divorce season

The holidays are a joyous occasion for some families; however, for others, they are a make it or break it time. Couples often spend more time together at home and visiting with family. For New York couples who are struggling, this time of togetherness can be the deciding factor in whether they remain together or decide to seek a divorce.

January earning reputation as "Divorce Month"

Based on recent analysis of divorces in the United States, January has become known to some as "Divorce Month." Studies of divorce filings between 2008 and 2011 have shown that those filings increase in January in New York and throughout the country. This level stays elevated through the month of March before it begins to decrease.

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