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Engaged in divorce proceedings? Disengage from social media.

For those embroiled in a contentious divorce, a friendly face or show of support can cast a ray of sunshine into a dark time. Commiserating with those who have been down a similar road and sharing positive updates with loved ones can lighten a load made heavy by bickering with a soon-to-be ex. As soul-soothing as these communiqués are, however, those that are transmitted via computer can further darken the tone of divorce proceedings because they can be used as evidence in court.

What are you supposed to do for support during a divorce?

When New York couples separate, their expenses could practically double overnight, yet their income does not double as well. In addition, one spouse often makes more money than the other, which could put the other spouse at a disadvantage. Even if the spouse with the larger income says that he or she will continue to support the other one during the divorce, it would be prudent to seek temporary orders from the family court to address not only monetary concerns but custody and visitation as well. 

Service members retirement pay may be included in divorce

For many individuals in New York, finances ultimately guide long-term decisions. As one approaches retirement age, decisions such as whether to spend money on a new car, invest in a new boat or even take a vacation become important. These decisions can impact the amount one has going out each month while there is only a fixed amount coming in. Another important decision that can have a significant impact on finances is whether to file for divorce.

Pitt-Jolie child custody battle moves forward; Pitt cleared

By now, most New York residents have heard that Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt. Shortly prior to that filing, Pitt was accused of child abuse on a private airplane. Now that those allegations have been put to rest, the parties can continue their battle to determine child custody arrangements.

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Divorce: A Practical Guide

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