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How parents handle child custody matters makes a difference

When New York parents realize that their marriages are over, one of their main concerns is how the news will affect their children. Every child is different, but how parents handle the divorce could make all the difference. In addition, the child custody arrangements that the parents agree upon can make the transition easier for the children.

New York parents are not the only ones who feel the stress and emotional upheaval that goes along with a divorce. Children do as well. In fact, it can cause them to have an array of behavioral issues such as acting out and/or being defiant. Depending on the age of the child, it can be difficult to process not only the situation, but the emotions that go with it.

Parents need to be willing to put aside their own differences to present a loving and united front for their children. If they know that there is a plan that allows them to have as much access as possible to each parent, it could help. It can help many children to adjust to their new circumstances if they know what is coming next and that mom and dad still want to be part of their lives. It might seem cliche, but they need to understand that the separation is not their fault and that mom and dad are united in their efforts to provide them with the love, security and discipline they need.

Negotiating a child custody agreement that fulfills these needs is possible. Focusing on the children and what they need both in the short and long terms could help. The final agreement can include provisions for visitation, holidays and other functions in which the children would expect both parents to participate. It could also include other provisions regarding the care of the children and how to resolve scheduling issues and other conflicts. In the end, the agreement should be tailored to the needs of the family and what is in the best interests of the children.

Source:, "How much does divorce really affect kids?", Erica Francis, Oct. 27, 2016

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