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Prenups settle property division and debt issues before divorce

Before their wedding day, New York couples might want to consider executing a prenuptial agreement. These agreements are not just for the rich and famous; in  fact, anyone getting married could benefit from one. If the marriage subsequently ends, issues such as debt and property division would be decided ahead of time, which could greatly reduce the potential for contention and courtroom battles.

Recognizing signs that your spouse may be hiding marital assets

Financial problems may often lead to discord in a marriage. Nearly one-third of married Americans who share finances with their spouses admit that they have been deceptive about assets and debts at some point during their marriages, according to the National Endowment for Financial Education.

Is there a chance for an amicable relationship after divorce?

When a marital relationship ends, New York parents might find it difficult to believe that they could ever have an amicable relationship afterward. Fortunately, the parties can choose how they want the divorce proceedings to go, and they can make a conscious decision to work together. Doing so could provide a foundation that the parents could build on in the future.

How should you create a parenting plan that will work?

If you have children, one of the most important parts of that divorce will be the custody arrangement you agree to with your children's other parent. The document will cover the important topics of physical and legal custody and a great many details of your relationship between you and your children and your former spouse.

How parents handle child custody matters makes a difference

When New York parents realize that their marriages are over, one of their main concerns is how the news will affect their children. Every child is different, but how parents handle the divorce could make all the difference. In addition, the child custody arrangements that the parents agree upon can make the transition easier for the children.

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