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Child custody and domestic violence

During a divorce, it is not unusual that the couple may have disagreements or that some disputes could become heated. If there are children involved, they may have different perspectives on how the children should be raised or parenting styles. These issues may be part of why they are divorcing. In some cases, heated disputes may give rise to accusations of domestic violence or abuse.

Defiance of custody order can be expensive

A custody determination in New York is complex. There is the statutory requirement that it be in the "best interests of the child." There is case law, which has interpreted that term and numerous cases that have laid out various factors that a judge can or should consider when making a custody determination. And there are the individual facts of a specific case.

When child custody meets criminal law

Child custody issues are typically complex. They often are contentions. But they rarely wind up in criminal court, which is one reason why a case that is being tried in New York is notable. A man is charged with international parental kidnapping for his role in helping a woman and her child cross the border into Canada and then travel to Nicaragua.

NY Court: definition of parent expanded

New York's Court of Appeals, the state's highest court has ruled that the definition of a parent can include a non-adoptive or non-biological individual. The case involved a same-sex couple where the relationship between the two women failed after the child was born and the former partner who helped raise the child sued for visitation rights after the birth mother attempted to prevent her contact with the child.

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