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With child custody, your judgment is under judgment

During a divorce with a custody dispute, the actions of the parents will be examined closely. In your life before a divorce, you have a wide degree of latitude in living your life. As long as your conduct does not cross the line to where law enforcement is brought in, as with domestic violence or drunk driving, few people pay much attention to your behavior.

This all changes when the determination of a child custody arrangement is in front of a judge. If you and your soon-to-be former spouse can agree on a parenting plan and work out all of the details in advance, it is likely a court will approve that arrangement. However, if you cannot agree and you require the court to determine the custody of your child or children, your personal behavior is likely to come under close scrutiny.

Antony Weiner's latest indiscretion is an example of how not behave. His prior "sexting" caused his political career to collapse and the most recent incident appears to be leading to the ending of his marriage. The inclusion of his 4-year old son in the photo he texted would be just the type of photo that one spouse could use to demonstrate the lack of fitness of the other spouse during a custody dispute.

His now-separated wife could use this continued behavior to argue she should receive physical custody of the child. His recklessness, continuing to sext after prior incidents destroyed his political career, especially by including his son in the sext, could provide grounds for giving his mother full legal custody. Legal custody is the authority to make important decisions in the child's life.

New York Courts make custody determinations based on the best interests of the child. The court will look at a broad range of factors to make this determination. If you want custody of your children, it is essential that you do not engage in behavior that calls into question your judgment.

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