Traffic Matters

While an individual charged with a traffic violation is not required to hire an attorney, it is imperative that someone charged with a traffic violation consult at least with an attorney to find out if their particular situation requires legal representation.

For instance, an individual with numerous points on their license may lose their license with an additional conviction and therefore should hire an attorney to work out the best deal possible so as to avoid getting additional points against their license or at least minimize the points so as to save their license. Additionally, certain types of courts lend themselves to having an attorney work out a favorable plea bargain such as village and town courts.

Additionally, if you have a commercial license, your rights may be further affected if you are convicted of certain types of violations.

The bottom line is that if you are charged with such violations, I recommend that you contact my office for a free phone consultation so that I may advise you of your rights based on the information that you provide to me and for an in office free consultation to fully discuss your matter if you feel that you need legal representation.

Therefore, if you need to discuss with me such a matter, please call me today for your free consultation at (631) 615-1724.

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