A misdemeanor is in the classification of crimes below felonies but which still carry significant penalties for anyone convicted of such a crime. For instance, a person convicted of a misdemeanor can be sentenced to jail for up to one year and/or three years probation.

Anyone charged with a misdemeanor must take it very seriously and needs to hire an experienced criminal attorney such as myself to protect their rights.

Misdemeanors cover such crimes as low level assaults, petit larceny, criminal trespass, driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, and other such crimes.

Having served as an Assistant District Attorney here in Suffolk County and having practiced in the criminal courts for over the last twenty years, I am well versed in criminal law and have handled well over 1,000 misdemeanor cases here on Long Island. As well as knowing the law I am well acquainted with the criminal justice system here on Long Island as I appear in these courts on a daily basis.

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