Felonies are in the classification of crimes that are the most serious. They are more serious than misdemeanors and can carry serious penalties such as long jail sentences, longer periods of probation than with misdemeanors, and can cause the individual convicted of a felony to lose his right to own a firearm, to vote and be eligible for certain types of jobs.

An individual charged with a felony needs to hire an experienced criminal law attorney to protect his rights and to see to it that they are treated fairly by the criminal justice system.

As a former Suffolk County Assistant District Attorney, and in the twenty plus years that I have been in private practice handling countless felonies, I have gained the experience to handle such serious matters and know the criminal justice system well, here on Long Island.

If your matter cannot be resolved through a plea bargain and needs to proceed to trial, I have handled many criminal trials involving both felonies and misdemeanors over the last twenty years with much success.

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