Domestic Violence

The Category of Domestic Violence covers a number of criminal charges as well as violations of law that include assault, menacing, aggravated harassment, harassment, and other such charges.

If those charges involve family members or individuals that have a child in common, the matter will be handled in one of the domestic violence courtrooms.

As these matters are treated very seriously, an individual charged with such crimes will almost always have to have some type of evaluation such as an alcohol or drug evaluation if necessary, or an anger management or domestic violence evaluation to see if counseling is necessary.

An individual charged with a crime or crimes bringing them into domestic violence court must have an experienced attorney who has handled many such matters and knows the ins and outs of the Domestic Violence Unit.

When I was an Assistant District Attorney here in Suffolk County back in 1990 I was assigned to the newly created Domestic Violence Unit in the District Attorneys office to handle such crimes. During my tenure there I handled numerous domestic violence cases as a prosecutor and gained the experience and knowledge which I continue to use today in my capacity as a criminal defense attorney having practiced in that field for over the last twenty years.

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