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Understanding different types of custody arrangements

Divorce is stressful, but it's even more complex when you have kids and you must negotiate custody arrangements with your ex. You probably had not thought much about custody prior to your separation, but now it is a decision that you must face. Finding the right solution for your kids is the most important part of this process, and according to Huffington Post, it is also the key to prioritizing their wellbeing.

Child custody interference can cause frustration and fright

Many New York parents have issues when it comes to dealing with the custody of their children. Though most want their kids to grow up in happy and healthy environments with both parents, circumstances can often prevent that ideal situation. In fact, many people face child custody issues that can cause a great deal of stress.

Child custody, divorce stress may impact health of New York kids

Having kids and going through divorce can be one of the most difficult challenges for New York parents to handle. Not only must they deal with the legal aspects regarding child custody and other issues, but they undoubtedly also want to ensure that their children are handling the situation as well as possible. However, some children do not always come out unaffected.

Navigating child custody can challenge New York parents and kids

As parents, many New York residents likely worry about their children and how they will respond to certain life events. When one of those events is their parents' divorce, concerns may escalate as the ending of a marriage can have substantial impacts on kids. In order to make the transition into new child custody arrangements as smooth as possible, parents may want to ensure that they put their kids first. 

New York woman kidnaps daughter after child custody ruling

Kidnapping a child is a serious crime. Unfortunately, some parents may feel it is their only way to see their children once certain decisions have been made regarding child custody. However, taking such actions could make a difficult situation even worse, and a parent could end up facing criminal charges in addition to dealing with emotional distress.

Formal child custody terms may keep complications at bay

If a couple has a child out of wedlock and later break up, they may not feel like formally addressing their split is necessary. However, if parents do not create legal child custody agreements, serious issues could result later on. New York residents may be interested in one such incident that recently took place in another state.

Child custody choices deserve apt consideration in New York

In many cases, timing can have a substantial effect on how a situation is handled. Therefore, New York parents who are considering divorce may wish to determine the best time to broach the subject with their children. Because child custody agreements can result in serious changes, some parents may choose to begin the proceedings during the summer to give children time to adjust. On the other hand, parents may begin the process during the school year in hopes of having time to make legal appointments while their children are occupied. 

Overnight stays may be part of New York child custody plans

Having an infant or a toddler (or both) can prove to be a trying time during a New York parent's life. If that individual is also going through or has recently gone through divorce proceedings, the idea of single parenthood and child custody issues may cause additional stress. However, when it comes to making custody terms, individuals may wish to consider what arrangements may best benefit the children.

New York fathers may have child custody fears, hopes

Not having the chance to get to know their children may be a fear for many New York parents. However, some individuals may become fathers without even being aware that their children have been born. In such cases, parties can face considerable complications if they learn of the existence of their kids and hope to obtain child custody or visitation rights. 

Top things to include in your parenting plan

When it comes to a parenting plan, there is more to include than a weekly custody schedule. You can write in key points about your future relationship and interactions, such as exchange locations and times, that can relieve stress and prevent arguments later. Here is a list of things you may not have thought to include in your parenting plan.

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