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Pratt, Faris separation may lead to property division concerns

Celebrity divorce cases often draw a considerable amount of attention due to the public nature of the parties involved. Though the specific details of why a relationship ended may not always come forth, information regarding property division, child support and other aspects do tend to make headlines. New York residents may be interested in such information regarding the recent separation of actors Chris Pratt and Anna Faris. 

The couple recently announced that they have decided to legally separate after eight years of marriage. The two have a 4-year-old son together and stated that they would like to keep the situation as private as possible for his sake. However, divorce attorneys are already speculating what type of asset division outcomes the case could have due to both actors' more recent successes.

Staying focused can help New York residents achieve divorce goals

There are many ways in which New York residents could approach their legal proceedings when it comes to dissolving their marriages. Because many people are concerned about the financial aspects of such proceedings, they may want to determine how to approach their divorce cases in a way that will cause the least amount of financial upheaval. Luckily, that is a feasible goal.

First of all, individuals should assess their circumstances and determine what is most important to them. If they hope to maintain ownership of a particular piece of property, have specific custody goals or simply want an agreeable settlement, they should keep those goals at the forefront. By having a plan and outcome to work toward, parties may feel more willing to negotiate for what they want rather than having continual fights over every aspect of the process.

How to approach divorce when one spouse does not want it

Despite a lot of the hype, the divorce rate across the United States has actually been dropping. The New York Times reported on the decline back in 2014, and yet, many people still view the drop as surprising. 

It seldom occurs that both spouses are on the exact same page regarding divorce. On many occasions, it is one spouse who wants the divorce while another is against it to an extent. It is difficult to approach the subject, but it is better to pursue it than remain in an unhappy marriage. Although there are no guarantees, there are certain approaches to take when bringing up the subject of divorce.

The right support could help New York residents with divorce

The ending of a marriage is often considered to be a negative life event. Because many New York residents likely pin a great deal of their hopes, dreams and emotions on the future of their relationships, it is understandable that divorce can come as quite a shock to various aspects of life. However, parties may be able to work toward facing their proceedings in the best manner possible.

Gaining support can often help people deal with an unpleasant situation. If the end of the marriage was sudden or unexpected, individuals may find it comforting to speak or spend time with close family and friends in order to gain emotional support. Parties may be able to express strong emotions to these loved ones and gain a sense of stress relief.

High-asset divorce may breed considerable conflict in New York

When the stakes are high, ending a marriage can be a gripping and dramatic situation. Though many New York residents would likely prefer to keep their personal business out of the spotlight, those facing high-asset divorce cases may not be so lucky. Additionally, they will likely have to face complications when it comes to property division if the dissolution proves particularly contentious.

One high-profile couple in another state are currently facing such issues. Reports stated that Burt and Lovey Handelsman had been married for 67 years when Lovey filed for divorce. Apparently, Burt had started an affair with another individual, and recently, he reportedly began to subject Lovey to verbal abuse. The couple garnered success in the business world through their real estate ventures, and they have an approximate wealth of $750 million.

Abused New York residents may feel hopeful, anxious about divorce

Many individuals may have feelings of fault when they are actually the victim of a situation. These feelings may come about due to abuse or other negative actions that have been taken against them. Regrettably, numerous New York residents may have found themselves in unhealthy marriages that resulted in such feelings, and though they have chosen to end the toxic relationships, divorce may still seem daunting.

In most cases, narcissistic or otherwise abusive individuals look for partners who are more passive as it makes it easier to take advantage. Parties who want to see the good in people may be particularly susceptible to being targeted by such individuals. However, rather than putting fault on the good-natured person for ending up in an unhealthy relationship, that person may want to recognize that he or she is not to blame.

Understanding different types of custody arrangements

Divorce is stressful, but it's even more complex when you have kids and you must negotiate custody arrangements with your ex. You probably had not thought much about custody prior to your separation, but now it is a decision that you must face. Finding the right solution for your kids is the most important part of this process, and according to Huffington Post, it is also the key to prioritizing their wellbeing.

Every family's situation is different, and custody certainly is not a one-size-fits-all decision. Collaborating with your ex and a legal representative can help you make the choice that will facilitate a smooth transition for your kids.

Child custody interference can cause frustration and fright

Many New York parents have issues when it comes to dealing with the custody of their children. Though most want their kids to grow up in happy and healthy environments with both parents, circumstances can often prevent that ideal situation. In fact, many people face child custody issues that can cause a great deal of stress.

One family in another state recently faced such issues due to custody interference. It was reported that a 3-year-old boy was taken by his father, though the father did not have the authority to do so. Details on the custody arrangements for the child were not given, but it was noted that the father did not have custody. The boy apparently lives with his mother.

Marriage age may impact divorce odds in New York

The age at which a New York resident chooses to get married is a personal decision. Many factors can play a role in this choice, and it is unsurprising that some individuals get married relatively young while other people wait until they are older to tie the knot. However, could the age at which a person marries affect their chances of divorce?

A recent report indicated that marriage age could play a role in the likelihood of the marriage coming to an end. Apparently, the prime age range in which to marry in order to reduce the potential for divorce is between ages 28 and 32. When a person is in their late 20s, the likelihood of divorce reportedly reduces by 11 percent each year. However, the odds of the marriage ending increases by 5 percent each year after age 32. 

Property division info may affect outcomes in New York divorces

Knowing what to expect when it comes to divorce proceedings is not always easy. Many people may have misconceptions about certain aspects of the process or simply lack the correct information altogether. When it comes to property division, a lack of knowledge could result in New York residents ending up with unwelcome outcomes.

One of the first aspects to understand when it comes to dividing property is what counts as marital property and what counts as separate property. Essentially, assets acquired during the marriage count as marital property, regardless of which individual is the actual owner. When it comes to separate property, assets that each person owned before getting married typically remain his or her own separate property and exempt from potential division.

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